utopidepartemented is a changeable group of musicians and artists, making music art for uncertain times

väntan i vården

exploring the concept of waiting for health care with improvised music


stina hellberg agback, tove brandt and djamel baroudi join forces in this trio creating music in the intersection of progressive jazz rock and american football.


with leo svensson sander on cello and synthesizer and stina hellberg agback on electric harp, this duo creates suggestive music you will want to listen to again and again.

stina hellberg agback/jonas isaksson quartet

a not-so-typical jazz quartet making music with inspiration from the giants. their first record “quiet now” received raving reviews from downbeat and orkesterjournalen.


“inlandsbanan – de som stannade och de som for”, a concert performance focusing on a historic railway, situated in northern sweden.

eva lindal/stina hellberg agback duo

armed with violin and harp, this free improvisation/contemporary music duo propels new projects and collaborations, with musicians and artists such as mattias risberg, mattias windemo, mattias hellberg, per egland, thommy wahlström and more.

alice, john och jag

a musical performance for children in the ages of 8-15, presenting the music and philosophy of alice and john coltrane.